OEM Carbide 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 flutes Automatic Straight / Left / Right Spiral Groove Machine Reamer

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1. Selected raw materials of solid tungsten carbide and it has stable performance.
2. The newly designed blade has no burrs during the machining process.
3. The unique edge tilting design ensures smooth processing.
4. The work piece has good smoothness and can reduce cutting resistance.

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Introducing our fantastic product,which is made from UK10. Designed with the highest precision and made from premium raw materials, this innovative product is designed to suit a variety of materials, including cast iron, ductile iron, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, heat-resistant alloys, low-alloy steels and high-alloy steels.

One of the UK10′s striking features is its exceptional handling smoothness. The product’s unparalleled precision and finesse ensures a perfectly smooth surface, making it ideal for a variety of applications.
Whether you’re working on complex designs or intricate structures, the UK10 is guaranteed to deliver enhanced performance and outstanding results every time.

We understand the importance of quality and durability in demanding industries. That’s why our product is carefully manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and adheres to the highest industry standards. Its superior strength and longevity make it a reliable choice for even the most challenging tasks.


Introducing our line of carbide reamers: the perfect tool for precision machining!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a highly efficient and versatile range of carbide reamers. This series of reamers is specially designed to meet the needs of precision machining. It provides three types of reamers: straight flute, left spiral flute, and right spiral flute. Each type ensures superior performance and superior results.

Our range of carbide reamers has a wide range of options to suit all your machining needs. These reamers are available in up to 25 sizes with diameters ranging from 4 to 20 mm, ensuring compatibility with a variety of applications. Additionally, flute quantities range from 4 to 8, providing flexibility depending on your machining requirements.

Additionally, our range of carbide reamers are available with helix angles ranging from 7 to 15 degrees. This broad range allows for a variety of applications and ensures optimal chip evacuation, promoting better surface finish and extended tool life. With these reamers, you can complete a variety of machining operations with confidence and efficiency.

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