OEM Solid Carbide Straight Groove / Right Screw Tap

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Straight groove tap
Advantages: strong universality, good blade strength, and easy grinding

Spiral groove tap
Advantages: Low cutting torque during machining, strong chip breaking and removal ability, and can be tapped to the bottom of blind holes, making it easy to cut into the bottom hole

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Straight groove tap
Recommended use: processing of high hardness materials, processing of short chip materials, processing of materials that are prone to tool wear, through holes with short tapping depths, blind holes.

Spiral groove tap
Recommended use: deep tapping through and blind holes, processing of long chip materials with good toughness and ductility, and holes with axial grooves on the inner wall
1. The raw material of these products is UK10. The overall hard alloy tap has a particularly good effect on aluminum alloy, cast iron, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel, and carbon steel.
2. 6H accuracy.


Our reaming tools are available in approximately 15 models, providing you with unmatched versatility and precision.

Each of our reaming products features a remarkable number of cutting edges, ranging from 3 to 4. This ensures exceptional performance and efficiency, allowing you to achieve smooth and accurate hole finishes every time. Whether you require a standard reaming tool or a specialized one for unique applications, we have got you covered.

With a total length ranging from 63 to 110 millimeters, our reaming tools offer optimal maneuverability and ease of use. The compact size allows for effortless handling, ensuring comfortable operation even in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. Additionally, the blade length ranges from 13 to 32 millimeters, guaranteeing an extensive scope of hole diameters for your specific requirements.

The cutting parameters of screw tap


1. The feed speed is less than 70% of the thread cutting while cutting.
2. The feed speed is proportional to tap diameter.
3. The above cutting parameters are spiral slotted thread tools , please reduce the feeding and cutting speed by 20% – 40% if it is a straight slotted product.

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