OEM High Quality Coated Boring Tools Integral Solid Carbide Step Drill Bit Straight Shank/Twist Drill Bits

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1. The optimized groove structure and waveform cutting edge achieve exceptional sharpness and strength, resulting in smoother chip discharge.
2. The 130° top angle reduces the feed force at the initial stage of drilling and provides excellent self centering ability to improve the hole processing quality.
3. The nano structured TiAIN coating improves thermal hardness and prevents chip accumulation.
4. Special drill tip design ensures smooth cutting process.

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OEM High Quality Coated Drill Bits for High Hardne1


Our machines are designed for efficient processing of a wide range of materials. Whether it is P (steel), M (stainless steel), K (cast iron), S (heat-resistant alloy) or any other material, our highly versatile machines can handle it with ease.

One of the highlights of our machine is its ability to simultaneously drill threaded holes and chamfers. You no longer need to switch tools or spend extra time and effort chamfering alone. Our versatile drilling and chamfering machines do it all in one go, saving you valuable time and resources. Experience unparalleled convenience and seamless workflow like never before.

Additionally, our versatile drilling and chamfering machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive control panel and ergonomic design make it easy to operate, even for people with limited experience. Our machines are your reliable partners, facilitating easy and efficient drilling and chamfering processes.


The raw material for making this drill bit is UK20/UK30. Our drill bits are designed for machining high-hardness steels and come in total lengths ranging from 52 to 123 mm, perfect for your drilling needs. With 15 different models to choose from,

Our product range is available in two different constructions to suit all your needs. The FZD model uses a spiral structure, while the FBD model uses a straight groove structure. Both structures are efficient and compatible with M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M10*1.25, M10*1.0, M12*1.5, M12*1.25, M14, M14*1.5, M16 and other processing materials.

With our range of drill bits, you can say goodbye to frequent replacements and increase your productivity. Our durable drill bits are built to last, ensuring you can complete your drilling tasks easily and efficiently. Furthermore, its superior quality guarantees optimal precision and accuracy.

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